Smart CCTV System

This is an exciting time in CCTV system development. We are seeing a push away from standard a CCTV system to a more intelligent offering. A smart CCTV System is now able to integrate into a range of Video Analytic services to take your camera from an standard surveillance device to an intelligent intrusion detection device which can tell the difference between false triggers and actual threats.

Using a Smart CCTV system to secure the immediate surrounds of your home, we can set up an intelligent, secure perimeter. Smart CCTV cameras come with built in false alarm reducing technology based on Human Body and Vehicle Detection Deep Learning Algorithms. This allows us to set up the cameras as motion detectors and program them to weed out false triggers caused by vegetation, wildlife and other debris and only respond to human bodies and vehicles within 85 – 95% accuracy. They also have a very large detection range and will cover a large area of your home.

The system will not only function as a surveillance system but also as the primary layer of intrusion detection for your home. Anything that comes over your perimeter will be seen and then analysed by the cameras, if the camera deems this to be a human entering the perimeter it will activate the alarm system, send a video notification to the registered smart phones and notify off-site monitoring. A Smart CCTV system replaces the need for standard outdoor beams and motion detectors. Cameras can be set up as zones and integrated into an Alarm System, allowing them to be armed and disarmed like standard outdoor beams.

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