We Will Protect Your Home And Business From Intruders. We Give Peace Of Mind To Cape Town Inhabitants With Our Alarm Systems. We Protect Our Clients Families and Assets Just Like We Protect Our Own.
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With The Alarm Systems From The Alarm Guy You Will Get

Your best turn key alarm system solution

Safety & Protection

  • Vandalism & Tamper Protection – You will be notified if the keypad or siren of your alarm system are tampered with
  • Versatile Arming Modes – Fully adjustable system with different arming modes to suit your lifestyle
  • False alarm management, working with you to reduce false triggers to a minimum
  • 3 teams of qualified technicians with more than 10 years of experience, ready to assist and monitor your system
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Customer-Centric Approach

  • Our loyal customers stay with us because they choose to. This choice is made because of our quick response time, reliable solutions and unbeatable customer service
  • Expansion – the ability to expand functionality and sensors on any system without having to change the entire system
  • Up to a 30% saving on your home or business insurance on account of having a reliable alarm system in place
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  • Systems can communicate with authorities via landline or cellular connections
  • Choose your preferred means of communication and alerts (Voice, SMS & Email)
  • Reliable system communication
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  • Easy integration with CCTV Video Surveillance & Home Automation Systems
  • Seamless communication between devices
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Monitoring & Control

  • Connections to 24/7 professional monitoring and authority alert
    (3rd Party – ADT etc)
  • Total system control from anywhere with any smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • Ultimate convenience when away from traveling or away from home
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Easy To Work With

  • Our systems are advanced yet simple. We have placed emphasis on ease-of-use for our customers
  • All system manuals provided
  • Customer care on hand for any queries
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Why Choose Our Alarm Systems?

Unfortunately, the majority of alarm systems currently available on the market use outdated technology
and come with a hefty pricetag.

Fortunately, We Are Different.

Easy to Use
Aesthetically Conscious
Low Maintenance
Intuitive Keypads
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This is how the implementation of our alarm systems works

  • Local Assessement

    We will come to you to make a local assessement of the assets you want to protect

  • System Design

    With information provided by you we will create the most reliable and secure alarm system for your needs

  • Installation

    Then we will install the alarm system with as little interference with the space’s design or decoration as possible

  • Training

    Finally, we will train you on how to operate the system and provide all equipment manuals

  • Support

    We will always be available to answer any questions or to fix any system issues you may have

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Happy Customers That Feel Safer With Our Alarm Systems

  • We required an upgrade to our alarm and sensors, and ask The Alarm Guy to oversee the transition. The team were friendly, on time and we have had brilliant after completion check ups.

    BrigitteSea Point
  • The Alarm Guy team is efficient, reliable, and only willing to install a quality product. We are very happy with our system and feel much more at ease at night. I highly recommend their service and products.

    JakeCity Bowl
  • The Alarm Guys are seriously the business, nothing is every too much trouble for them and they are extremely professional! I highly recommend calling them to take over your alarm contract hassle free!

    AlexisCamps Bay
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Our Risk Free Guarantees

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are committed to providing you with only the very best alarm system solutions. Our main goal is to make your life safer and easier. If you are in any way unsatisfied with the solution provided by The Alarm Guy, you simply need to bring this to the attention of your dedicated Project Manager and we’ll ensure the issue is addressed

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Full Coverage Guarantee

1 full year guarantee covers the whole system, labour time and equipment. Simple, easy, transparent and reliable.

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African Intruder Detection Services Association
We Are South African Intruder Detection Services Association Accredited

Know How We Will Protect Your Family & Assets

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