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    About Us

    We are alarm & video surveillance experts. As fathers, husbands and business owners ourselves, we understand what matters most to our clients – the safety of their families and business facilities.

    Using the most advanced systems available on the market, we will protect your most precious assets – your family, your home or your business.

    Just like we protect our own.

    Our Story, How It All Began

    Hi, I am Ross Goodall. My brother, Matt and I have always been close. As family men later on in life, this hasn’t changed. It was inevitable that our professional paths would end up crossing at some point.

    As fathers and husbands, our primary concern was safety in South Africa and how this impacted our families and loved ones. This concern, coupled with our personal  experience with faceless, unprofessional security companies that left us feeling unsafe in our homes got us thinking…

    Many of our friends were complaining about similar issues. Salesmen promised everything and yet delivering nothing, technicians used complex and confusing language that no one understood and  customer support was non-existent.

    Faced with these market and safety challenges, we saw a unique opportunity. We had the passion for technology, a solid customer care background and knew that we could offer a far superior overall experience than that being offered by existing security companies.

    And so, The Alarm Guy was born.

    We now boast a very specialized team of technicians, each with at least ten years of experience in alarm and video surveillance systems.

    We have been making the lives of our clients more comfortable and secure for years now through advanced, reliable technology and a friendly approach towards our customer’s needs. We are not a faceless corporation and never will be.

    We are focused on providing the utmost convenience to your busy life. With our systems, you’ll be able to monitor your home and the security of your family at distance, giving you total peace of mind.

    We will listen and we will deliver!

    We are here on hand, as are our trusted technicians, ready to make your life more comfortable and secure!

    Why Choose Us

    • Team of technicians with more than 10 years of combined experience
    • We send our technicians on regular training so that we are always up to speed on the latest security innovations
    • 1-year guarantee on both parts and workmanship
    • 3 teams always ready to plan, implement and assist on state of the art yet easy to use security solutions
    • Custom solutions for your home or business facility
    • We only work with brands that are well established on the market and have a track record of providing real support
    • Unbeatable customer service and ongoing technical support
    • Ultimate convenience with remote apps to monitor systems at distance
    • Most importantly – we provide easy to use, reliable security systems, keeping you and your family safe!
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    African Intruder Detection Services Association
    We Are South African Intruder Detection Services Association Accredited